Create New Site collection and subsite Share point

GO to your site in office 365 page  click on share point on the side menu

Screenshot (2)

Then Click on the create site button on the top of the page

Screenshot 3.png

Now You will have to enter the site name and site url on the menu

Screenshot 4.png

After that you will have to create subsite and create master page for the Site collection

Click On site Contents on the Share point page you have createdScreenshot 5.png

Search for the new subsite button on site contents page and then click it

Screenshot 6.png

Once You have clicked on the page you have to fill up this form

Screenshot 7.png

Then you will land on a page that look like this

Screenshot 8.png

Goto Site Settings on the menu this page will open up look for manage site features under Site Actions

Screenshot 9.png

Search for SharePoint server publish on the page and activate it .

Screenshot 10.png

Now Go back to Site Settings and Select master page and page layouts in web designers Galleries  Screenshot 11.png

Click on files new new document you will be given a set of option click on master page for creating master page and click on Page layouts for creating Page layouts


After you have created the master page and page layouts

Go to Master Page on the Look and feel select the master page you have created on the this pageScreenshot 13.png

Thats it You have Success fully created a master page and connected it with the site collection.

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