Flex-box bootstrap 4

It is no doubt that the new bootstrap 4 has turned a lots of head towards it among the all the other shiny additions it comes with the most anticipated thing is introducing the flex box  Concept in the grid system. Not everyone would agree on all the changes they made in their newer version but this may be necessary ,things like dropping support for ie9 and glyphicons, who is going use them anyways we all gonna use fontawesome or our own custom icon fonts. So considering we are gonna live with this lets get to know about what has been changed and how to use them. Because when i start using it i was not comfortable with it  but if you get to learn the new features added on bootstrap 4 it becomes a lot more easier ……


Sass Support

Every time when i see a blogpost about why not to use bootstrap the first reason will be it doesn’t support SASS and the some of its compote tors do.But now we have Sass Compiler its easy to modify them. This could be a considered a big change in the Bootstrap

Flex-box Grid

The new bootstrap has its grid system based on flex box concepts this allows the designers to make website with full page grid system.  Along with this there is also a new size added to this so that we could expand our grid sizes to  col-, col-sm, col-md, col-lg & col-xl. Not something to be overwhelmed but i tried using the col- class and it was awesome. .Just a nice new addition.

Flex Utilities Classes

There are a lot of utilities classes we could use on the flex box. Each and every one of them is a pretty valuable on its own way.Things could be more valuable when the current development and design environment.

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